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Incident – System interruption

March 17th, 2021
On 15.03.2021. at 8:00 p.m. an incident occurred on the basis of drug serialization data, both in the Republic of Croatia and in other 12 EU countries. Since the issue was resolved around 9:15 a.m. the next day, we did not send notifications to you as system users.

Should a similar incident with a duration of 4 operating hours or more occur in the future, all end users would receive a notification as well as subsequent system status notifications until the problem is resolved.

In this regard, we quote the Delegated Regulation which defines (in Article 29) that: ” … when persons authorized to dispense medical products to the public due to technical problems are prevented from verifying the authenticity of the unique identifier and withdrawing it from use that unique identifier is supplied to the public, and those authorized to dispense medicines to the public shall record that unique identifier and verify its authenticity and withdraw it from use as soon as technical problems have been resolved. ”; this practically means that you should have in our information system or otherwise recorded all the medicines you dispensed while the system was unavailable, and ‘serialize’ them after the technical problems have been resolved and the system was available again.

HOPAL team