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What We Do

HOPAL is a non-profit organisation that has been established by a range of stakeholders across the medicines supply chain in Croatia (pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacists) to set up and manage the Croatian medicines verification system.

The establishment of HOPAL is mandated by EU/EEA law. Specifically, the Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU) introduced a requirement for all medicine packs to carry a special barcode containing unique identifiers. These will enable the pack to be verified and authenticated as it passes through the medicines supply chain and before it is dispensed to a patient. Details of the unique identifiers from each pack will be stored in a national database (‘repository’). Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Marketing Authorisation Holders are obliged to set up and fund a non-profit legal entity to manage each national repository. HOPAL is the relevant organisation in Croatia.