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Marketing Authorisation Holders, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and those supplying medicines to the public will need to scan medicines at different points in the supply chain to introduce them into the repository, verify their authenticity and decommission them from the database at the time of dispense.

Further information regarding the obligations of each stakeholder in the supply chain can be found:
– in the document Letter to stakeholders regarding the implementation of safety features under the Falsified Medicines Directive     2011/62/EU
– on the web-page of the European Medicines Verification Organisation
– on our web-page

Letter to stakeholders

A key measure to address falsification in the EU and protect the legal supply chain of medicines is an end-to-end verification system introduced by the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

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Amount of the annual fee

HOPAL determined the amount of the annual fee for the Croatian Medicines Verification System usage by MAHs
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The Croatian Medicines Verification Organisation (HOPAL) is a non-profit organisation representing the different stakeholders, both...
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