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The infiltration of falsified medicines in the European legal supply chain is a major and continuous threat for the patient health and security, and the reason why a comprehensive protective strategy was established at European level. A joint initiative of EU stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector was created to establish pan-european Medicines Verification System to protect the legal medicines supply chain from the entry of falsified medicines.

The system, which was set up on February 9, 2019, has been intricately technically designed and regulated by EU legislation.

Letter to stakeholders

A key measure to address falsification in the EU and protect the legal supply chain of medicines is an end-to-end verification system introduced by the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

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Amount of the annual fee

HOPAL determined the amount of the annual fee for the Croatian Medicines Verification System usage by MAHs
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The Croatian Medicines Verification Organisation (HOPAL) is a non-profit organisation representing the different stakeholders, both...
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